Taskforce Orion training to crack down on child exploitation offenders

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Detective Superintendent Cheryl Scanlon said the age, occupation and location of each child exploitation offender was varied. Photo: Phil CarrickA pilot training program for detectives aimed at cracking down on child exploitation offences across Queensland has wrapped up on the Gold Coast and Logan, with six people arrested since it the program began.

Gold Coast and Logan detectives completed a pilot training program under Taskforce Orion aimed at improving response times to child exploitation investigations pushed out by the Child Protection and Investigation Unit.

Child Safety and Sexual Crimes Group Detective Superintendent Cheryl Scanlon said officers who had gone through the pilot training were provided with equipment that would increase their capability to deal with offenders involved in child exploitation material.

“What Taskforce Orion has allowed us to do is take specialised training teams region to region, travelling around the state to increase not only the equipment that is needed to retrieve material from people who are offending online, but also to conduct investigations around possession, distribution and manufacturing of child exploitation material,” she said.

“The training course is quite intensive, people need to have good skills in the technology space, it is obviously quite difficult work, when you are dealing with images of children and they are child exploitation images.”

Superintendent Scanlon said, since January 1, 44 people had been arrested on over 170 offences of child exploitation, possession, distribution and contact offences across Queensland.

Their ages ranged from 16 to 64 and occupations included a landscape gardener, a student, a bottle shop attendee, a teacher and a retiree.

“This work is the sort of investigation that is not isolated to any particular group in our community, it happens in all parts of community, across all walks of life,” she said.

The Orion team worked alongside the existing Taskforce Argos and focused on people who used peer-to-peer networks, or the so-called Darknet, to share child pornography.

Superintendent Scanlon said the training was integral to ensuring same-day responses to time sensitive investigations and confirmed two international specialists were brought in to help classify child exploitation images.

“It might be that we receive a job, it will be pushed out to a region, we can have detectives out the same day, same day response if they have the ability and training and technology to be able to progress the investigation immediately,” she said.

“The timeliness of that is critical, particularly when you have children in a house it gives us greater footprint across the state to do that work.

“It is allowing us to create a footprint into the future to give us better capability to respond quicker and if there are children in those houses that we locate those children and maintain their safety.

“Out of the Orion funding we have recruited some international specialists from Europe and America to come on board to be additional image classifiers, to classify if an image is child exploitation material.”

Regional Crime Coordinator Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said 20 detectives from Gold Coast and Logan had been involved in the Taskforce Orion pilot training program that resulted in the arrest of six offenders.

“Those people are attached to our Child Protection Units both here on Gold Coast and Logan,” he said.

“Working in conjunction with State Crime Command, so far since training was given in early April, we have arrested six offenders on 21 charges.”

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Hampton Park schools in lockdown as police hunt four robbers

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Hampton schools were in lockdown as police hunted four men. Photo: Nine News Hampton Park schools were in lockdown on Tuesday morning as police hunted four men who robbed a Pakenham family while they were home.

Police phoned to alert Hampton Park Secondary School after the four men stormed the home on Ahern Road about 10.30am.

A woman and child were inside at the time. Hampton Park Primary and Secondary in lockdown due to a @VictoriaPolice investigation which begun in Pakenham #9Newspic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/LBTlSKsNRr— Nine News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) May 31, 2016

Two men fled the home in a stolen Suzuki Swift, while the other two left in a white Ford Territory.

Police located the Suzuki in Pride Court, Hampton Park.

Sniffer dogs then helped in the arrest of one man in nearby in Andrew Court.

The other men are still wanted.

Hampton Secondary principal David Finnerty said he alerted nearby Hampton Park Primary School after receiving the call from police.

Both schools were in lockdown for around an hour from about 11.30am.

“We received a phone call from police that there was a police incident in the area,” Mr Finnerty said.

“On the basis on that, the school went into lockdown.”

Hampton Primary assistant principal Liz Davey said that school was also closed as a precaution.

“We have sent a letter to parents congratulating students and staff on their calm handling of the situation that was out of our control,” she said.

It is understood River Gum Primary School was also in lockdown.

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Darts champion hits target

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Bull’s eye: Collie Eagles darts player Lee Chapman has qualified for this year’s Australian Darts Championships.

COLLIE EAGLES darts playerLee Chapman has been selected for the Western Australian state team to compete inthe Australian Darts Championships 2016.

Mr Chapman placed within the top 16 averages in the state championships, earning him the chance tocompete in the state side trials last month.

He played seven gamesin the state trials doubles tournament on Saturday, May 28 and 15 games inthesingles eventon May 29.

Mr Chapman was selected for the side, featuring eight players and a reserve,byplacing the seventh highest average in the trials.

Mr Chapman said he was overwhelmed byhis selection for theside and the chance to representWA.

“I’m just over the moon, to get Western Australia on my back and to represent my state,” he said.

“I’ve given it all I’ve got this year and my darts are really starting to pay off for me.

“I’ve been putting in a few extra hours on the board and it’s just working for me, I seem to have found a nice rhythm and flow with the board and it’s going well.

“I’m just stoked to get a chance to represent the state, it means everything.”

Mr Chapman said darts has turned from a hobby into a passion over the past few years.

“It was about ten years ago I started playing, a lot of my friends played and they were always playing on Wednesday nights,” he said.

“I’ve played since I was a young fella,I’ve always had a dart board up at home, but I had never played competitively before andI found out that I wasn’t too bad at it so I took it up.

“It started off In B-grade in Collie playing for the Premier Hotel and I spent a couple of years at that and then I switched over to the Workers Club for a couple of years in A-grade.

“We formed a team that wanted to travel up to Mandurah because we wanted to expose ourselves as better competition.”

Mr Chapman has playedin the Mandurah, Port Kennedy, and Rockingham leagues in six of the past seven years.

He and darts partner Peter Rowe were required tocompete in the leagues to be recognised forthe state championships.

Mr Chapman had averaged 93 over a four week period in the Rockingham league this season.

The nationalchampionships willtake place from July 28 to August 6 in Bendigo, Victoria.

Mr Chapman said Collie has developed a proud darts culture that accepts people of all skill sets.

“You just need to go down to one of your local clubs on Wednesday nightif you’re a manorif you’re a lady go down to one of your local clubs Tuesday night, there’s about seven or eight clubs in Collie for both,” he said.

“There is always spots,Collie’s got a really healthy darts league –there is aboutfive A-grade sides, about eightB-grade sides and about 10 C-grade sides.

“There’s like 220 people that have played for the Collie Darts Association this year, that’s just men –Collie has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, darts associations in WA.

“Our club, the Collie Eagles, we’re actually short of players so if anyone wants to come down and have a go they’re guaranteed to get a game.”

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Central West students speak up

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EMBRACING THE FUN: Students Thomas Parker and Harrison Selmes, from St Stanislaus’ College, and MacKillop College student Lily O’Toole, all in Year 10, enjoyed participating in the CWA public speaking competition that was held at All Saints’ College yesterday. Photo: RACHEL FERRETT 053116rfcwa1SCHOOLS from across the Central West convened at All Saints’ College yesterday for the annual Country Women’s Association (CWA) Central Western Group Schools’ public speaking competition.

Yesterday marked the 29th year of the competition, which CWA Central Western Group public speaking committee secretary Margaret Brown said was still a relevant, important part of the year for schoolstudents in the region.

“The idea is confidence and competency, and the whole objective is to give kids the skills to defend articulately their point of view,” she said.

“Anybody who says the youth of today are useless or write-offs should come to one of these days and listen. These kids are extraordinary.”

A total of 278 entries were received from schools across the Central West, including those in Bathurst, Orange, Blayney, Cowra, Carcoar and Meadow Flat.

Ms Brown said that even schools with only a small number of enrolments still send children to take part.

The competition caters to students from Years 3 to 12. Those in primary school are expected to speak for two minutes and those in high school are expected to speak for four.

Topics at the competition are given to students at the start of the school year.

“We have three judges in each room – a man, a CWA person and another person, which can be anybody – so there is plenty of scope in the judging,” Ms Brown said.

The quality of the speaking at the competition is always to the highest standard, but only the beststudents will proceed to the Inter Group Public Speaking Competition later this month.

“The winners from here will go to Trundle on June 21, where they will compete against the Oxley Group and the Far Western Group,” Ms Brown said.

Students who attended yesterday’s competition enjoyed the chance to improve their speaking skills and meet different people.

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Blue Light Disco for Wingham

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REMEMBER when you were a child and the social events of the year were the Blue Light Discos when they came to town?

It has been 26 years since we had had a Blue Light Disco in Wingham, but now they are back.

The Wingham Show Society is proud to be the driving force behind getting the Wingham Blue Light Disco up and running once again with plans well underway for the first disco on June 17.

The society is working hard with a team of volunteers, president snr constable Dave Abbot, our local police and the PCYC.

President of the Wingham Show Society Elaine Turner assures the night will be a fun filled event for children in a safe, secure environment.

“Volunteers and our local police will be on hand to ensure that the children are well supervised,” she said.

As this is a strictly controlled event, parents are not permitted to stay.

The Wingham Blue Light Disco is being held in the auditorium of the Wingham Services Club for children aged seven years to 12 years (year three to year six) only at this stage.

The society is planning to cater for other age groups in the future.

Doors open at 6pm with the disco commencing at 6.30pm until 8pm.

Soft drinks and light refreshments will be available for purchase in the auditorium.

“This will be an exciting night for all the children with fun, music and prize giveaways,” said Elaine.

Tickets are $5 each and are available from the Wingham Chronicle office in Isabella Street from 4pm each weekday.

Tickets will also be available on the night from 6pm.

Please be aware numbers are limited to 150.

For further information contact the show society secretary Raelene Marshall on 0408 458 879.

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Almost two million Aussies to get pay rise

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Retailers called the $15.80 minimum wage rise “unimaginable” and said it could cause further damage to retailers who were struggling to get by. Photo: Michele MossopColes underpaid staffand cut penalty rates: tribunalAustralia’s 1.8 million lowest-paid workers will be awarded a minimum wage rise of 2.4 per cent, or$15.80 a week.

The Fair Work Commission on Tuesday ruled that the national minimum wage will now become $17.70 an hour, or $672.70a week, from July 1.

The decision is likely to anger tradeunions, which had been calling for a $30-a-week increaseto halt what it called an alarming slide in living standards of the nation’s lowest-paid.

Australia’s influential employers groups were hoping for a smaller lift of less than 2 per cent.

The commission’s full bench, headed by president Iain Ross, said Australia’s “robust”economic climate provided a good opportunity to help out employee households that had “low or very low disposable incomes”

“The general economic climate is robust, with some continued improvement in productivity and historically low levels of inflation and wages growth,” Justice Ross said.

“The level of increase we have decided upon will not lead to inflationary pressure and is highly unlikely to have any measurable negative impact on employment … it will, however, mean a modest improvement in the real wages for those employees who are reliant on the [national minimum wage]and modern award minimum wages.”

Justice Ross also saidwomen were over-represented among the country’s lowest-paid workers who relied on award rates.

“Increases in minimum wages can provide some assistance in addressing the gender pay gap,” he said.

From July, the increase will flow directly to more than800,000 workers, and will also lift the pay packets of another 1.1 million Australians whose wages are set by modern awards– the pay and conditions safety nets for different occupations.

Australian retailers called the $15.80 minimum wage rise “unimaginable” and said it could cause further damage to retailers who were struggling to get by.

The Australian Retailers Association, which had called for an increase of no more than $7.90, said the ruling meant the pay rate for shop assistantswould increase to $19.44 an hour.

“Retailers and young Australians have been reliant on pay rates to enable retail to bring on low-skilled young staff and increase their skill levels, reducing youth unemployment,” association executive director Russell Zimmerman said.

“Many small to medium enterprise retailers are reliant on a minimum wage workforce, and the announcement today to increase wages during this time of low consumer confidence and low growth will sadly result in further job losses and business closures – a very distressing truth for retailers.”

In 2015, the Fair Work Commission awardeda 2.5 per cent boost to the minimum wage, which translatedto an increaseof $16 aweek.

More to come

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Rugby League – State of Origin – Game 1

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So, here we are, merely days before State of Origin kicks off in 2016.

Cooper Cronk of the Maroons celebrates with team mates after scoring a try during game one of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons last year. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

As usual, drama hasn’t been far away in the build up to the big game.

One of the big stories this week has been Queensland’s Cooper Cronk apparently slipping on a training cone and is now in real doubt with an ankle injury. The Blues camp aren’t buying it though. They’ll believe it when they see it.

And Cronk’s absence, if it comes to pass, will have an effect on both teams.

After all, when New South Wales broke the drought two years ago, Cronk was a non-factor in the first two games. The Melbourne Storm half broke his arm early in Game One and the Blues took enough advantage to win the opener.

Cronk was a mere spectator in Game Two and he could do nothing but watch the Blues win a dour contest in Sydney to claim the series for the first time in eight years.

Cronk returned for Game Three, a dead rubber, and helped Queensland march all over the Blues in an emphatic 32-8 win at Suncorp Stadium.

Last season, Cronk played the first and third games. The Maroons won both, including the record breaking 52-6 hammering in the deciding game at Suncorp Stadium.

In other words, when Cronk plays, the Maroons pretty much win.

And this is why the Blues aren’t buying what the cagey Maroons are selling. Cronk means too much to that team for a bung ankle to keep him from playing what may well be one of his last matches for Queensland. He, like many of the current Maroons super-squad, are staring Father Time in the eye begging for just one or two more campaigns.

And this campaign will be a big one for those players as this will be the first time that they won’t be coached by Origin Great Mal Meninga. Whether you believe Big Mal was the architect of this era of Maroons dominance or Michael Hagan is now irrelevant as neither are involved this series. They are now the Australian Kangaroos brain’s trust.

So it will be up to new coach Kevin Walters and his staff to get the best out of this team.

Will it be the same? Will Meninga’s absence affect the squad so much so that they fail in their quest for another Origin victory?

Blues supporters certainly hope so. But their own preparation hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

For a start, the Blues decided to name a squad in the hope the final make-up of the team to take the field would sort itself out. Players such as Josh Dugan came into camp under an injury cloud after sustaining what appeared to be a substantial elbow injury in the Dragons loss against Souths.

A few days later, apparently all was sweet. So Dugan’s shadow, Josh Morris, was allowed to return to Sydney to get ready for his Bulldogs to play the Raiders.

A couple of days after that, Dugan realised that his elbow was actually shot and he shouldn’t play.

So, after a few noses were put out of joint, Morris returned to the Blues fold.

Don’t kid yourself, the pressure is on New South Wales in this game.

After being on the receiving end of the worst flogging in Origin history in Game Three last year, the Blues must lift and win this first game to have a chance of winning back the Shield. They have two games in Sydney this time around and they have to make the most of it.

But the pressure is also on coach Laurie Daley and selector Bob Fulton. They have brought in a few new faces to try to turn the tide against what is arguably one of the greatest teams to have ever been assembled.

When trying to work out a winner, I think a lot depends on whether you believe the Maroon’s claims about Cronk or not. I think he will play, which means the Blues will really be up against it.

But in saying that, I think the home team can do the job.

The weather has really turned now and Sydney will be very dewy if not raining come Wednesday night. Adam Reynolds, making his Origin debut, should be able to get his kicking game in order and enable the Blues to play a field position game. The players Daley and Fulton have selected love a scrap, and I think this is what this game will turn into. It will be tough to play, but also tough to watch.

There won’t be a lot of free flowing play from any team and I think this gives the Blues a slight edge here.

NSW to win 14-10.

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Boxing club’s first fight night in Wauchope in 2016

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Gloves on – Wauchope local Joshua Caruana will be making his boxing debut at the Fight Night, which has attracted boxers from across NSW, in the RSL Club on Saturday June 11

Wauchope local Josh Caruana will be making his boxing debut on SaturdayJune 11 at the Wauchope RSL Club.

It’sWauchope Boxing Club’s first fight night for 2016. Also fighting for Wauchope is Will Duck who won both his fights last year.

Other local gyms from Kempsey, Camden Haven and Port Macquarie have boxers contesting bouts including Jessica Messinaand Felipe Blemith from Port Macquarie Boxing Club. Jess has just returned from the Women’s World championships in Kazakhstan where she did her club and Australia proud. Felipe recently competed in the Coral Sea Challenge at Cairns where he gave his all, to come away with the silver medal.

The Wauchope RSL Club is proudly hosting thisevent which has attracted boxers from all over the East coast and a few from inland NSW as well. The card has 25 pr-matched fights scheduled for a 6.30pm start.

Wauchope Boxing Club’s trainer Dave Thurtell says: “This will be one of the best fight nights Wauchope has ever put on.”

Ticketsat the door andfrom Classy Café, TSG Wauchope, Bago Store and the Wauchope RSL Club. Wauchope Boxing Club would like to thanks its sponsors for helping make this event possible. They are:A Classy Café and Espresso Bar,S & S McMillan Milk Vendor,Wauchope RSL Club,Fresh by Design andCoppy’s Butchers Block

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Here’s your chance to influence policy

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Resident’s view: Lavinia Wood says a population limit must be determined for the Redlands.LOCALS will get the chance to influence government policy during a looming review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

A first step in the process will occur on Monday from 6pm to 7.30pm when residents can take part in the Shaping SEQ Program

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was critical Redlanders took part.

“The State Government will be reviewing the SEQ Regional Plan and this is an opportunity for residents to share their great ideas on what they want to see included,” she said.

“The proposed SEQ Regional Plan will for the first time include a 50-year strategic vision for the region as well as more detailed provisions until 2041 which will guide many of our local plans, so it is important residents are part of this conversation.”

Cr Williams said city planning was an important topic in the Redlands and the event would feature a talk by New York City’s project for public spaces senior vice president Ethan Kent.

“The State Government will also be holding a series of information booths over the next six weeks, including at Wellington Point on Sunday 19 June and everyone should stay up to date by visiting the Shaping SEQ website 苏州美甲美睫培训学校shapingseq苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛,” Cr Williams said.

With the south east corner being one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, it wasvital to balance growth with the things people loved about the region.

“According to State Government forecasts there is expected to be an extra 2 million people in SEQ by 2041, with an extra 900,000 more dwellings needed to accommodate these people,” she said.

“Although the Redlands is expected to see only modest growth in the near future compared to our neighbouring cities, there is no doubt the wider south east Queensland landscape will affect us, so we need to be part of this important conversation.’’

Community Alliance for Responsible Planning spokeswoman Lavinia Wood said any review of the plan had to recognise that the region had a population carrying capacity.

Without this, it would not be possible to maintain a genuine balance between the environment, economy and community.

“As this applies to the Redlands, so it applies to south east Queensland,” she said. “Right now as we are developing houses, we are annhilating koalas.We have to stop.

“The Redlands is a microcosm of south east Queensland, Australia and the world.”

After a six-week engagement period the government will use the community feedback to inform the review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

“Once finalised this plan will provide the blueprint for South East Queensland, helping to plan for projected growth and how it is accommodated,’’ Cr Williams said.”…The only way to ensure the Redlands is front of mind is for us to have our say.”

The regional plan will look at topics like housing types, access to employment and better access to open space and recreation.

Shaping SEQ engagements: Thought leadership session Monday 6 June 6-7.30pm,Cleveland Library, Corner Bloomfield and Middle Streets, Cleveland Qld 4163, RSVP qld.gov419论坛/shapingseq.Information booth: Sunday June 19, Wellington Point Reserve, 10am to 2pm.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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Helmet donations exceed expectations

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DONATIONS: Linda Crocker, Ben Jeffrey, 11, on Barnaby, Reliabuild Group representative Glenn Blackney, Owen Absolom, 4, on Tia, Reliabuild Group representative Scott Marks and Mimi Paulin. Photo: Georgina BaylyCrowson Park Riding for the Disabled has been overwhelmed by the support after their recent call out for help to replace old riding helmets.

The equestrian helmets now need to meet Australian Standard 3838 and Crowson Park needed two in each size which at a cost of about $80 each was a huge financial stress to the association.

Each riding session has two participants and now those participants can be better matched in age as the association has access to helmets in the same sizes.

Crowson Park president Linda Gaffaney said she was just astounded by the support from the community.

“This allows us to be more flexible with our lesson pairings,” she said.

“The standards now aren’t for adaptable helmets so we needed to upgrade, purchase 18 with two in each size.”

With riders aged from three to 66-years-old it is necessary to have the ability to change riders into different and, sometimes, more-cohesivepairings.

Ms Gaffaney said there were large and small donations towards the helmets from various people and groups within the community.

“We encourage all our donors to drop in and have a look at our lessons on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Reliabuild group (pictured) were just one of the many donors to help Crowson Park Riding for the Disabled toreach their target of 18 helmets.

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What’s on around the town

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YOU BEAUTY: Garden guru Peter Tristram will talk about unusual bromeliads at the society’s next meeting.LEARN TAI CHI: Try a free introductory class at Baulkham Hills or Castle Hill. Bookings essential. Details: 9686 2282 or 0421 282 833.

LEARN TAI CHI: Free introductory classes of this ancient and healthy art are on offer around the region.

RETIREES MEET: Sydney Hills Branch of the Association of Independent Retirees will meet on Friday, June 3 from 10,30am at Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall, Welham Street, Beecroft. The guest speaker will be the Federal MP Alex Hawke. Recently retired citizens and baby boomers welcome. Keep abreast of the changes which are likely to affect you and your income in the future. Details: Lauris Rennie, 9634 1186.

TAKE A WALK: Wanderers Bushwalking and Outdoor Club Club meets on the second Friday of the month from 8pm at Crestwood Community Centre, Crestwood Drive, Baulkham Hills. The next meeting is June 10. Details: 苏州美甲美睫培训学校bushwalking.org419论坛/-wanderers or phone 9639 9738.

UNIQUE PLANTS: Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting on Saturday, June 11 from noon at Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground. Guest speaker will be bromeliad guru Peter Tristram who will discuss his recent trip to South America and his pursuit of unique bromeliads growing in their natural habitat. Free admission. All welcome. Details: 苏州美甲美睫培训学校bromeliad.org419论坛 or phone 0408 202 269.

BIRTHDAY DINNER: North Rocks Evening VIEW Club meets from 7.30pm on Tuesday, June 14 at Pennant Hills Golf Club, corner Copeland Road and Burns Road South, Beecroft. It’s the club’s 37th birthday. Allwelcome. Details: Glen, 9871 2788.

GREEN THUMBS: Pennant Hills Garden Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 10.15am at Pennant Hills Bowling Club, 52 Yarra Road, Pennant Hills. Next meeting is June 22. Guest speakers andgarden visits. Details: Louise, 9484 5008.

STICK TO YOUR KNITTING: Knitting and crochet group meets every Tuesday 10am-1pm at Restore Church, 47 Britannia Road, Castle Hill. Knit, crochet, learn and share your craft in this friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Free off-street parking. Experienced craft speakers and workshops are organised throughout the year as well as outings to yarn stores and craft shows. Members also support charity organisations Wrapt with Love, Operation Christmas Child, Trauma Teddies and others. All welcome. Details: Janette, 0409 905 018 or email [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

Entries for this diary from community groups and non-profit organisations need to reach us nine days before anticipated publication. Because of space restrictions, there is no guarantee that entries will run. Email your details to alis[email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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What’s your relay motivation?

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REGISTER NOW: Relay for Life chairman Daniel Kisela with Dougal Bear ahead of last night’s Relay for Life launch at the Good Guys. Picture: Les Smith

Even after 14 years of Relay for Life in Wagga, organisers are still working towards making each event more successful than the last.

The official launch of the 2016 event will be held this eveningand chairman Daniel Kisela said participants will notice some changes.

After falling short of $200,000last year, organisers are lowering their target for 2016 to $180,000.

Teams who bank more than $2000 by September 30 will be put in the draw to win a prize after more teams than ever banked no money last year.

“We keep learning every year but we know what worked last year,” Mr Kisela said.

Mr Kisela said every team holds different motivations for relaying and part of the lure of the event is getting to know what they are.

Strangers meet and form a common bond as people of all ages strive for one thing –a cure.

“It’s such an emotional rollercoaster on the day,” Mr Kisela said.

“It’s a great event.

“Raising money is one aspect of it but you’re engaging with complete strangers.”

Relay for Life will be held fromOctober 8 to 9.

Registrations can be madenow via the Relay for Life website.

Those who register at the Good Guys at the launch from 6pm to 8pm tonight will receive the early bird discount and $20 of store credit.

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Poole set to host Relay

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VENUE: Amanda Cooper at Poole Oval, the site of this year’s Relay For Life in Port Lincoln.

THE Port Lincoln Relay for Life has taken another step towards being ready for the 2016 event after finalising this year’s relay venue.

The Relay for Life Port Lincoln Committee have announced Poole Oval will host the 2016 event.

Past events had been held at Ravendale Oval.

Committee secretary and compliance coordinator Amanda Cooper said the venue was finalised last Monday after communication with Boston Football Club.

“We were really excited when they said they could help us by having it here,” she said.

Things are starting to fall into place for the Port Lincoln event which takes place on October 22 and 23.

More than 40 participants in13 teams, one of the most recent additions being a team from the Port Lincoln Youth Advisory Committee.

The committee is hoping to meet its target of between 15 to 20 teams taking part.

Miss Cooper said despite some hiccups at the start things were coming together.

“The biggest thing was securing the venue so we could have somewhere for it to run,” she said.

Poole Oval.

The focus for the committee is now on gathering survivors and carers together for the event’s Survivor and Carer Walk.

Cancer survivors and carers are invited to register on the day to do a lap around the oval at 2pm followed by afternoon tea.

Miss Cooper said survivors andcarers can register on the day.

Entertainment for the event is also yet to be finalised.

Meanwhile the committee is hoping to see more fundraising from teams in the next few weeks.

Nearly $600has been raised so far with the target set at $42,000.

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