How to stay fit this winter

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Simple rules: Titled Sports Physiotherapist Meg McIntyre has a few honest tips to help you stay fit during winter.

Fitness and injury prevention should be a goal for everyone.

And Dr Google may not necessarily be the best source for anyone seekinginformation on how to achieve your fitness goals.

That’s the opinion of Titled Sports Physiotherapist Meg McIntyre.

With a background at Olympic and Commonwealth games level, the well-known physiotherapistlives by the simple rule of use it or lose it.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Ms McIntyre says there are a few simple rules to achieve your personal fitness goals.

“You need some commonsense, so don’t go out and take on something too big too early,” she said.

“Warming up does not mean just feeling warm, but shouldtake at least 10 minutes –at an absolute minimum – to ensure you are sufficiently prepared for the activity and that the blood is flowing.

“We tend to think that someone warming up is a bit full of themselves. We need to change that attitude because we tend to underestimate what we can get away with.

And age tends to push this further away from us.

“And make sure you arewell-hydrated too.”

Some athletes or fitness enthusiasts tend not to drink enough fluids with water the best option.Surprisingly athletes who are more fit than others may need a longer warm-up session to compete at peak levels.

Ms McIntyre encouraged anyone contemplating a winter health kick to seek professional advice from a physiotherapist, sports trainer, fitness instructor or sport coach.

“Fitness is not about simply during the event. It is also about recovery where resting and re-hydration arealso asimportant because that’s what your body needs to prepare for the next event,” Ms McIntyre said.

“I’d also strongly suggest that stretching –including a warm up and warm down –everyday is important to good health.”

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