LIVE: Indigo council meeting

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Indigo councilwill tonight discuss glamping, divesting council investments away from fossil fuels, land zoning in Rutherglenandhosting local government officers from Timor Leste in 2016-17.

Reporter Shana Morgan will be tweeting and posting atthecouncilmeeting from 6.30pm.Follow [email protected]_morgan.

The full agenda is at the bottom of this page.

9.23pm: After a marathon two hours and40 minutes, we’re all wrapped up here from the council meeting.

9.07pm: Cr Gaffney wants a firewood policy following revelations in this David Johnston story in Saturday’s The Border Mail. “We’re just looking for equity across the shire for those in need.” The motion was lost.

8.51pm: CrTeissl has moved the councildivest itsfinancial assets which support fossil fuel industries and look into options for how to make it happen. “It’s a pity it’s called a divestment, when it’s really an investment in our future.”

Cr Gaffney wantsmore information before casting his vote.“Without coal, there wouldn’t be a light to turn out.”

Cr O’Connor:“The impact of burning fossil fuels is causing global warming …it’s actually critical we do everything we can.” Wants the council to send a clear message of support.

Cr Trenery has used his deciding vote to pass an amendment for council officers to prepare a reportfor how transition of divestment would be implemented, rather than supporting divestment as a principle tonight.

8.36pm: Indigo Council will hold a civic reception for 30 to40 dignitaries at the LionsDistrict Convention on October 21. About 350 tourists expected in Rutherglen for the event.

Cr Gaffney asks the council not contribute the $500 which was proposed to be used for food and drinks. “They’ve got money in the bank themselves, they haven’t asked for any money.” He says they should get a cup of tea and a lamington rather than a bucket of beer.He doesn’t getany support.

Cr Roberta Horne says there was an expectation of some council contribution for the event. “It’s a worthwhile project.”

Cr Croucher: “This is an opportunity for Indigo to showcase itself …they will go up to Beechworth, they will go up to Yack, they will go all over the place.”

8.33pm: Memorials to the late Don Chambers: Acomponent of the Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project be named in hishonour anda memorial seat will be placed at theRutherglen Gold Battery.

Cr Gaffney: “Don had such a love for that Gold Batteryand had such a desire to get it up.”

8.32pm: Motion carried to supportbeing a participant in the Local Government Victoria sponsoredTimor Leste Fellowship Program by hosting an exchange of Timor Leste officers in 2016-17.Council’s financial contribution to the committee is $3000.

8.30pm: Cr Croucher wants to include more social media in community engagement policy. “It’s certainly the way to spread our message. (No arguments from this live-blogger)

8.23pm: Cr O’Connor has concerns about levels of water diminishing at Cue Springs Water Extraction facility–hydrologist wants to monitor creeks and springs around the site rather than Goulburn Murray Water just looking atbores. Council will write to minister.

Important air conditioning update: the heating has turned off and I’m getting chilly. #livecounciltweets

— Shana Morgan (@shana_morgan) May 31, 2016I’d love to be tweeting videos from the Indigo meeting, but reception is no good! Plus I’ve been told I had to ask permission first…

— Shana Morgan (@shana_morgan) May 31, 2016The Border Mail’sAnthony Bunn looked at this issue back in March.

7pm: Question on the timeframe for an industrial centre at Barnawartha following a report. CEO Gerry Smith denies the council is ignoring the report:“The work that’s being done will be built upon …these things do take time.”

6.49pm: Allan Davis asks why petition for work on Woolshed Road was knocked back. “Why do you send tourists down our bloody road for?”

Cr O’Connor agrees the road is “a shocker”. “If we had more money we would fix all of them, we have to prioritise.” Rate capping and freeze on federal grant indexationmakes it hard.

6.46pm: Cr Jenny O’Connor says being Greens candidate for Indi will not affect her role on the council.“I won’t be stepping down. I was elected to this position and I have a responsibility, especially during budget week.”

6.44pm:Mayor James Trenery reading a statement for National Reconciliation Week. “I want to acknowledge this week and the sentiment behind it and I want to pay tribute to the late Don Chambers who led the way in council flying the flag.”

6.42pm: Cr Peter Croucher is playing the national anthem on his piano accordion, which means it’s time to get underway here at the Indigo Shire meeting.



Indigo councillor says: Keep coal away from cash This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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