Look…up in the sky

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During the weekend several sky gazers reported seeing what they described as a ball of fire shooting across both the day and night sky.

There have been a lot of strange occurrences going on in our skies during the past three or four weeks.

But this latest incident is not to be mistaken for the mysterious range of colourful night lights reported in the Great Lakes Advocate in early May, which has both meteorology and astronomy experts shaking their heads.

This event has a name and a cause, and is a rare astronomical occurrence.

During the weekend several sky gazers reported seeing what they described as a ball of fire shooting across both the day and night sky.

Residents from as far north as Port Macquarie reported seeing the unusual sight on both Saturday night and Sunday.

Just before 6pm on Saturday Nelson Mills posted on the Great Lakes Facebook site that he had witnessed a meteor enter over the Mid North Coast.

“(I) didn’t get any video of it but surely some others have seen it,” he wrote.

Port Macquarie resident Hamish Johnson reported seeing a ‘ball of fire’ in the easterly sky around lunchtime.

He managed to get his camera out in time to take a photo but missed a video opportunity as the bright light descended toward the horizon with a plume of smoke behind it.

Several other sky gazers saw the light and it turns out there is possibly a reasonable, but rare, explanation.

Well-known and respectedMid North Coast astronomer and lecturer, David Reneke,said the possibility of a daylight fireball would have been a spectacle to witness.

He ruled out a SPB (super pressure balloon) which was launched in New Zealand by NAASA two weeks ago, and had given much of Victoria a fright last week.

“It (SPB) displayed as ‘roundish’ and’ whitish’ in colour,” Mr Reneke said.

“But this is moving slowly and would take many minutes to pass over; not quickly and certainly no tail.

“So, that leaves what I thought it was originally – and I wish I’d have seen this one as it was in daylight.

“I’m more than certain it was a rare object called a rogue fireball or basically, a daylight fireball.

“This one came in a little later in the afternoon which is pretty rare, but not unheard of.”

Mr Reneke ruled out space junk. The next piece of space debris re-entry is scheduled to be seen from Australia around 4.30am Monday morning.

Others have suggested it could have simply been a flare.

Fireballs are actually meteors that heat up so much they literally catch fire and burn – they are much rarer than ordinary meteors and usually much bigger.

The earth has about six to seven meteor showers a year, and according to Mr Reneke we have just come through what he described as intense meteor activity.

“This one would have been the size of maybe a soccer ball. The trail it was showing to the witness was actually bits of it burning off,” Mr Reneke explained.

Fireballs seen at night are often reported to “explode” and sometimes with a loud bang.

“I’ve actually witnessed this. This one would have done the same but the flash was lost in the daylight. And yes, a small bit of it probably made landfall.

“I’ve seen two of these at night and they are spectacular. Bright, fast moving with a long smoky-like tail.

“The earth gets hit by a hundred tonnes of meteoric material each day. Most of it burns up and falls as dust but now and then a bigger piece survives and we see it as a bright meteor.”

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Chilly weather for parkrun participants

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This week’s parkrun was completed in dry but chilly conditions. There were 54 runners andwalkers, few of whom sported a warm pair of gloves, but nevertheless completed the 5kwith all fingers still intact.

Joining the fray: Regular volunteer Deb McCartney had a week off … sort of, and instead took part in last Saturday’s Batemans Bay Parkrun.

Twenty-fiveparticipants were new to the beautiful Batemans Bay courseand 18 people recorded new Personal Bests. Daniel Josifovski from Canberra who hasrun 29 parkruns, was first over the line in 19:13 and the first female to finish was localLauren Evans who recorded a PB of 21:50, a full 1 minute 15 seconds quicker than herprevious best.

Richard Scutter, an ACT veterans runner completed his secondBatemans Bayparkrun but it was his 87th parkrun overall.

Top trio: The first three men over the line on Saturday were Daniel Josifovski, Patrick Hammond and Col Steele.

The volunteers this week were Avril Mackay, Eric Lloyd, Helen Costello (from NewZealand), Heather Fitzgerald, Kathy Overend, Neil Mackay and Gavin Mackay.

Theorganisers are always grateful for any willing volunteers. If you would like to help outoccasionally please email [email protected]南京夜网 or message the Facebookpage.

Leading ladies: The first three females were Lauren Evans, Zoe Whymark and Adrianna Steward.

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Army reserve unit in intensive ‘battle’

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TRAINING TACTICS: V11F going through mission rehearsal discussions prior to conducting a live fire convoy escort task with 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) from left Trooper Patrick Wilson, section second-in-command Trooper Casey Flanagan, Trooper Sam Woods, Trooper Matthew Dale, section commander Lance Corporal Liam O’Brien, Trooper Patrick Flanagan and Trooper Samuel Lewis.SOLDIERS from the region’s army reserve unit, including those from Muswellbrook, have joined with full-time soldiers for intensive training in Queensland.

Personnel from the 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers (HRL) converged from across the area in support of 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) based in Brisbane for a month of drills at the Shoalwater Bay Training area.

The 12/16 HRL and 2nd/14th will be involved in complex live fire manoeuvres to exercise the units in a combined arms fight over four weeks.

The training is designed to assess the 12/16 HRL personnel in realistic live fire situations, and to practice integration into 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI).

Operations Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Class 2 Tyrone Cashin said when they trained with the 2nd/14th during Exercise Koster River, on Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAV), the exposure to working with the full-time soldiers was invaluable.

“This is an extremely rare opportunity that we have been privileged to have experienced,” he said.

“We have learnt new skills and met new people but have solidified and put into practice the cavalry scout skills we already know.”

WO2 Cashin said highlights were participating in live fire activities with the ASLAVs and their crewman and working within a full-time ASLAV troop.

“It was a fantastic experience,” he admitted.

“Once we introduced ourselves to the full-time members within the troop, we had familiarisation training with the ASLAV and weapon systems and we rehearsed our standard operating procedures together as one team.

“Army reserve cavalry scouts are being utilised by the full-time Armoured Cavalry Regiments around Australia and this will continue to happen into the future.”

The unit has members currently serving on active duty overseas on OP TAJI (Iraq) and OP RESOLUTE (border protection) and personnel who participate in the month-long exercise will become certified to deploy if required.

The 12th/16th HRL are recruiting new members in Armidale, Muswellbrook and Tamworth, so if you would like to become involved or have questions about joining, contact Roger Edwards on 6766 1285.

CAMOUFLAGE: An Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) conducts a tactical manoeuvre along a main supply route on Exercise Koster River.

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Peris replacement not enrolled in NT

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Malarndirri McCarthy (left), then NT Member for Arnhem, in 2008 with former federal minister for Indigenous affairs Jenny Macklin (centre). Photo: Glenn Campbell Malarndirri McCarthy (then NT Minister for Statehood) in 2011 with prominent Indigenous figure Michael Long and school students in Melbourne. Photo: Justin McManus

Federal election: Full coverageJournalist prevails over Nova Peris staffer in Labor preselection battleEmotional Nova Peris slams critics, defends legacy – ‘No-one should judge me’

Freshly appointed Labor Senate candidate Malarndirri McCarthy has confirmed she is not a member of the Labor Party and is not enrolled to vote in the Northern Territory.

In her first media appearance since Monday’s surprise pre-selection result, the Yanyuwa Garrawa woman also said she was ready for the kind of racism experienced by her predecessor Nova Peris, for which a NSW chiropractor was arrested on Monday.

A former journalist and NT cabinet minister, Ms McCarthy said she was enrolled “nationally”, having lived in Sydney working for NITV and SBS since 2012 after losing her seat in the NT Parliament.

The deadline for updating enrolment for the July 2 election with the AEC was last Monday.

When asked whether she had been a financial member of the Labor Party in recent times, she said: “No, I haven’t.”

A well-known figure in the Top End since her time as a Darwin newsreader and a minister, Ms McCarthy said she had “absolutely” experienced bigotry as an Aboriginal woman.

“Even in my time as a Northern Territory cabinet minister and as the member for Arnhem, I did endure in that time unfair, unnecessary accusations being a woman, being a black woman and never ever really looked at in terms of my qualification and the skills that I brought,” she said.

“So I’ve experienced some of that, not to the depth that Nova has and I’m conscious that stepping on the national scene that obviously it is out there and like Nova and like everyone else should in this country racism is just not on and we have to stamp it out straight away.”

Ms McCarthy was the surprise victor over Ms Peris’ chief of staff Ursula Raymond in Monday’s vote to fill the Senate spot, conducted by the ALP’s national executive after the outgoing senator’s shock resignation last week.

She attracted strong support from the Left faction, who pointed to her ministerial experience.

In Tuesday’s press conference, she dismissed attacks on this record from NT Chief Minister and Country Liberal Adam Giles, who said she presided over the worst child protection system and tourism campaign the Territory had ever had.

“I come in with experience. I’m a very experienced minister in the former Henderson government. I had numerous portfolios,” she said, denying she came with baggage.

“Child protection, not just in the Northern Territory but right across Australia, is critical. We have far too many children in this country being removed from their family; we have to get it better.”

She rejected the claim that the situation became worse in her time as child protection minister and said the NSW Baird government had recently asked her advice on relevant policy.

Lingiari MP Warren Snowdon, who backed Ms Raymond for the position, said the preselection process “wasn’t perfect” but that Labor had the “perfect senator and that’s what’s important”.

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LIVE: Indigo council meeting

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Indigo councilwill tonight discuss glamping, divesting council investments away from fossil fuels, land zoning in Rutherglenandhosting local government officers from Timor Leste in 2016-17.

Reporter Shana Morgan will be tweeting and posting atthecouncilmeeting from 6.30pm.Follow [email protected]_morgan.

The full agenda is at the bottom of this page.

9.23pm: After a marathon two hours and40 minutes, we’re all wrapped up here from the council meeting.

9.07pm: Cr Gaffney wants a firewood policy following revelations in this David Johnston story in Saturday’s The Border Mail. “We’re just looking for equity across the shire for those in need.” The motion was lost.

8.51pm: CrTeissl has moved the councildivest itsfinancial assets which support fossil fuel industries and look into options for how to make it happen. “It’s a pity it’s called a divestment, when it’s really an investment in our future.”

Cr Gaffney wantsmore information before casting his vote.“Without coal, there wouldn’t be a light to turn out.”

Cr O’Connor:“The impact of burning fossil fuels is causing global warming …it’s actually critical we do everything we can.” Wants the council to send a clear message of support.

Cr Trenery has used his deciding vote to pass an amendment for council officers to prepare a reportfor how transition of divestment would be implemented, rather than supporting divestment as a principle tonight.

8.36pm: Indigo Council will hold a civic reception for 30 to40 dignitaries at the LionsDistrict Convention on October 21. About 350 tourists expected in Rutherglen for the event.

Cr Gaffney asks the council not contribute the $500 which was proposed to be used for food and drinks. “They’ve got money in the bank themselves, they haven’t asked for any money.” He says they should get a cup of tea and a lamington rather than a bucket of beer.He doesn’t getany support.

Cr Roberta Horne says there was an expectation of some council contribution for the event. “It’s a worthwhile project.”

Cr Croucher: “This is an opportunity for Indigo to showcase itself …they will go up to Beechworth, they will go up to Yack, they will go all over the place.”

8.33pm: Memorials to the late Don Chambers: Acomponent of the Rutherglen Economic Revitalisation Project be named in hishonour anda memorial seat will be placed at theRutherglen Gold Battery.

Cr Gaffney: “Don had such a love for that Gold Batteryand had such a desire to get it up.”

8.32pm: Motion carried to supportbeing a participant in the Local Government Victoria sponsoredTimor Leste Fellowship Program by hosting an exchange of Timor Leste officers in 2016-17.Council’s financial contribution to the committee is $3000.

8.30pm: Cr Croucher wants to include more social media in community engagement policy. “It’s certainly the way to spread our message. (No arguments from this live-blogger)

8.23pm: Cr O’Connor has concerns about levels of water diminishing at Cue Springs Water Extraction facility–hydrologist wants to monitor creeks and springs around the site rather than Goulburn Murray Water just looking atbores. Council will write to minister.

Important air conditioning update: the heating has turned off and I’m getting chilly. #livecounciltweets

— Shana Morgan (@shana_morgan) May 31, 2016I’d love to be tweeting videos from the Indigo meeting, but reception is no good! Plus I’ve been told I had to ask permission first…

— Shana Morgan (@shana_morgan) May 31, 2016The Border Mail’sAnthony Bunn looked at this issue back in March.

7pm: Question on the timeframe for an industrial centre at Barnawartha following a report. CEO Gerry Smith denies the council is ignoring the report:“The work that’s being done will be built upon …these things do take time.”

6.49pm: Allan Davis asks why petition for work on Woolshed Road was knocked back. “Why do you send tourists down our bloody road for?”

Cr O’Connor agrees the road is “a shocker”. “If we had more money we would fix all of them, we have to prioritise.” Rate capping and freeze on federal grant indexationmakes it hard.

6.46pm: Cr Jenny O’Connor says being Greens candidate for Indi will not affect her role on the council.“I won’t be stepping down. I was elected to this position and I have a responsibility, especially during budget week.”

6.44pm:Mayor James Trenery reading a statement for National Reconciliation Week. “I want to acknowledge this week and the sentiment behind it and I want to pay tribute to the late Don Chambers who led the way in council flying the flag.”

6.42pm: Cr Peter Croucher is playing the national anthem on his piano accordion, which means it’s time to get underway here at the Indigo Shire meeting.



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Book review: The Bridge Ladies

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This book, written for an American demographic familiar with the AmericanJewish way of life, does not translate particularly well into Australian culture.There are many similes and references to American products or personalitieswhich would mystify the average Aussie reader. These similes are no doubtclever, creative and possibly humorous, but they often fail to illuminate thepoint because something is lost in translation.

There are numerous Jewish terms used, but no glossary is included,although some of the meanings can be guessed from the context. If youread it on an e-reader, then you won’t have this problem, because pressingand holding a word will show you its meaning. If you are so enthralled withthe story that using a dictionary is worth the trouble, you will need to do so onevery other page.

Betsy Lerner, in her early 50s, has written her memoir of a journey into thelives of her mother and four of her mother’s friends. Roz (mother), Rhoda,Jackie, Bea and Bette have met to play Bridge every Monday for the last 50years in New Haven, Connecticut. These ladies, now in their 80s,carefully apply make-up and dress meticulously for the weekly occasion.

Unfortunately, it seems something of a self-indulgent journey for Ms Lerner.She appears to still be in her adolescent phase for much of the book andfrequently comes across as a stereotypical product of her generation, almostto the point of boredom. Her immature attitude is reflected in the poorlanguage and sometimes limited vocabulary she chooses to use in print.

Fortunately however, there is a discernable maturing in her attitude towardher mother in the final quarter of the book. The front cover declares ‘Thebest book about mothers and daughters I’ve read in decades, maybe ever’, acomment by Amy Chua with which I cannot agree. Similarly, on the backcover: ‘… Lerner’s memoir is required reading for anyone who has ever hada mother.’ All I can say is – I sincerely hope not.

The game of Bridge is the glue that holds the book together and Betsyshares her colourful and sometimes amusing struggle in trying to come togrips with learning how to play this game. She finally achieves… well I can’treally divulge that here, but let’s say the final outcome is satisfactory enoughto make the often frustrating effort of reading this book reasonably worthwhileafter all.

The Bridge Ladies

Betsy Lerner

Pan MacMillan

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Local aerobics team smash Victorian titles

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A medals haul: EKB Fitness and Aerobics bring home a haul of medals from this year’s State Titles in Melbourne. A group of Warrnambool athletes arecelebrating a bumper medal haulat the State Championships in Melbourne at the weekend.

The enthusiastic group from EKB Fitness and Aerobicsreturned from thecompetition with twenty-fivemedalsand the invitation to compete in the national titles in Brisbane in July.

The medals were won in an assortment ofindividual and team events.

The athletes were put to the testby competingin a series of events as part ofthe two-day competition.

“Everyone was really happy with their results,” said head coach Emma Bellman.

“The routines were great,” she said.

“If we can keep up this standard we’ve got a pretty good chance at being selected for world championships.”

Miss Bellman hopes the momentum of the wins will continue throughout the next few months of training.

“The athletes have trained since December last year,” she said,

“They’veput in amazing efforts to impress the judges and gain selection to Nationals.”

The four soloists and 22 team members competed in a range oftwo-minute routines involving push-ups, splits, and jumps.

In the individual events the team’s only male athlete Jordan Rooketook out gold in the senior malecategory.

Aylish Auchetti won the silver in the individualsenior female event whilstSophie Bellman brought homethe bronze.

The cadets also showed offtheir skillsby winning gold in the team fitness and trio events and bringing home bronze for their cadet team event.

Alana Bellman won bronzein the cadet female category andStella and Georgia walked away with silver medals for their routinein the mini pairs.

The winners have all qualified to compete in the Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF)National championships to be held in Brisbane in July.

The energetic group of young athletes,aged between 10 and 23, arealso hopingto compete in the 2016 FISAF World championships to be held in Vienna in October.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good chance at being selected for World finals.” said Miss Bellman.

“Competing in Europe would be amazing.”

Miss Bellman admits the road ahead will be a tough one but said being a team has always been a priority.

“Staying together at the event until everyone hasfinished competing is part of whatwe encouragewithin the group,” she said

“We’re like a family, we motivate each other,all the way from the seniors to thecadets.”

“Teamwork is what I like the most about these competitions,” she said.

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Committees named

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Administrator Dean Lynch

The Snowy Monaro Regional Council met for the first time in the Bombala Council Chambers last Wednesday.

The Administrator, Dean Lynch suspended standing orders to immediately move to the Public Forum.

President of the Delegate Progress Association, Penelope Judge said questions from the public were aired but not discussed.

“Questions concerned with the allocation of funds to local projectson how they would be directed with priority to Bombala Council received no assurances,” Mrs Judge said.

Following questions from the public, the meeting moved into the council meeting which was conducted with a quorum of one, administrator Dean Lynch.

“In less than half an hour the administrator had dealtwith 43 items of business from a business paper of 377 pages,” Mrs Judge said.

Then Mr Lynch announced the list of 12 people selected by him for the ‘advisory committee’.

The chairs of the committee’s will form the Council’s new Implementation Advisory Panel.

There are four people in each of the three committees with Steve Goodyer, Di Hampshire, Paul Perkins and Gabrielle Rea forming Bombala’s Committee.

The Cooma people are Rogan Corbett, Angela Ingram, Craig Mitchell and Winston Phillips while the Snowy River committee has John Cahill, Peter Beer, John Shumack and Bob Frost.

Administrator Lynch said the region has been well served by its former councils and their respective councillors.

“Now a number of former councillors plus nominated community minded individuals will form the three high calibre Local Advisory Committees to assist in charting a course for the future,” Mr Lynch said.

Mrs Judge said he joked about not choosing one ex-councillor because she was too outspoken.

“As the administrator has complete control over these committees, it remains to be seen how much representation we will receive from this,” she said.

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Fundraising barbies have gas turned off

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Saturday sausage sizzles sorely missedMACKSVILLE community groups are up in arms with the loss of one of their most lucrative fundraising options – the Woolworths barbeque option.

For years groups have held sausage sizzles outside the busy supermarket at Macksville on Saturdays feeding hungry shoppers and their even hungrier offspring.

Macksville Lions Club member, Tony Vine, told the Guardian that with few fundraising opportunities in the town for local sports clubs, service groups and charities, the Saturday ‘barbies’ had proven invaluable.

Woolworths and Subway branches have also expressed their disappointment.

Local Subway owner Dean Pierce said he’d have the barbeques “back tomorrow”.

“They brought me business – people bought coffees plus we put charity tins next to our cash register to help raise more funds,” Dean said.

“We sponsor a number of different shire sports and I have offered to be part of charity events.

“This decision to cancel the barbeques had nothing to do with us – I understand it is the owner of the complex and that insurance is the issue.”

Macksville Woolworths manager Tracy Saul said she too was disappointed.

“We were big supporters – we offered the gas and the gear and gave groups a discount on bread and sausages,” Tracy said.

“I contacted the complex owner and offered to cordon an area off but had no response.

“We’d love to get them back – they were such good fundraisers for the groups.”

The Guardian understands the decision to stop the barbeques was made by complex owner Shopping Centres Australasia because the presence of fats, oils and gas bottles presented unacceptable insurances risks.

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Barwick beats fitness fears

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Chris Barwick and Ian McCready battled it out last Sunday in the 6.5 kilometre Rhymney Reef Handicap. Picture: CONTRIBUTED LIKE a battle-weary footballer who benefits from a reduced training agenda,Chris Barwick ran on fresh legs last Sunday to score back-to-back wins in the 6.5 kilometre Rhymney Reef Handicap.

The modest veteran, who runs for the love of participation more than the thrill of winning, typically thanked a club mate for the impetus to break through for his first win since the Stawell and Ararat Cross Country Club’s corresponding race last year.

“I’d have rather someone else won it to be honest, because this has taken me by surprise and I can only put it down to Ian McCready dragging me along and making me work really hard,” 58-year-old Barwick said.

McCready, a fierce competitor who always finishes his races off with a rush of adrenalin, stuck close to Barwick for most of the hilly assignment before edging away in the last 500 metres of strength-sapping incline.

On handicap, McCready – a recent winner himself – could only manage fifth but it was Barwick who saved the handicapper from embarrassment by denying last start winner Simon Gallagher a rare double.

Barwick’s margin over the long-legged Gallagher was a mere 0.09 seconds with Jack Trounson, inhis 617thstart, recording his fourth podium finish in succession.

Reigning club champion Paul Fenn clocked fastest time of 26.30 minutes.

The winner, always reluctant to speak of his achievements, runs because he enjoys it.

“You have to get your body and your brain psyched up for it,” Barwick said.

“I haven’t been able to train as much lately but it doesn’t seem to have hurt me. There’s clearly a balance between training too much and too little.”

The club returns to “home ground” this Sunday for the eight kilometre Simon and Tiffany Gallagher Handicap. Startingfrom “The Pits” carpark at 9.45am, itoffers free entry for fun runners.

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