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IMMIGRATIONI WOULD like to think that I did not hear the Immigration Minister correctly.However I have heard his statement repeated several times already.

Is he for real? Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers take our jobs. Do they? Is that what the research shows? I am not convinced.What about the jobs created in Centrelink and Medicare industry alone, not to mention those positions that could be created for helping people resettle.

How dare he infer that every immigrant -particularly refugees or asylum seekers -are dumb. Don’t Syrians have a brain? Were they not helping make their country vibrant before the war. Please walk in their shoes Mr Minister.

Where would you be if you lived in Syria? Still there or in some refugee camp accused of being dumb and a drain on society.This country is built (after we wrongly accused the aborigines of being dumb too) on immigrants. How dare we accuse our forebears of being dumb. Where did your ancestors come from Mr Minister?

Our overseas aid and refugee intake – or lack thereof -embarrasses mealmost to the point of not wanting to be called Australian.

Janet Day, Launceston.BACKPACKERSBACKPACKERS have been in the news recently concerning taxation issues.These predominantly young overseas visitors are helping our primary industries and seeing Australia at the same time.With high youth unemployment, why aren’t unemployed Australians doing the work?I have no idea. I am asking a serious question.

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